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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Portland made a wonderful trade today. I can not be any happier, unless we dumped Magloire as well.

Portland gave up struggling shooter Juan Dixon for former Oregon Duck star Fred Jones from the Toronto Raptors.

I believe this will be a good fit for Jones and that he can immediately contribute to this young and growing Blazer team.

You can watch a little of the dunk contest a few years back (when he was a Pacer)...Jones is in there somewhere. Oh yeah! He wins the thing!

Don't look now, but we are on a two game winning streak. And man are we fun to watch again ,or listen to in some cases.

Thanks to some great performances by Jack, Roy, and Aldridge. Portland is beginning to look exciting again. Some are using the "p" word. (playoffs) I am not so sure however that we can or can't make it yet. Give the Blazers five more games and then I will make my decision.


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