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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fishing and Sleeping


Anonymous Amber said...

You've got a rough life. :)

3:57 PM

Blogger Terry said...

that a smurfs pillow?
i am so jealous.

12:43 PM

Blogger Dave Ketah said...

Those pictures remind me of home.

3:06 PM

Blogger Eric said...

Hey, nice salmon! I've never seen anyone hold a live fish like that before. You've got your hand on its butt.

9:33 PM

Blogger Benjamin said...

Terry-It is actually a Scooby Doo pillow.

Eric-dude...I am not jammin with his's the just past mid-section. He liked the way I held him. He actually came home with me...and now is sitting in my freezer waiting to be scarfed down by me.

11:16 PM

Blogger Kevin said...

The last two are more how I remember you from here. "Ben, get up, its noon and you need to get out of bed!"

Oh, the good ol' days.


9:53 PM


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