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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Two fun games!

This past weekend I was able to attend the Oregon State Beavers game with a couple of my buddies. I must say, that the game itself wasn't all that bad. The coaching was horrible though, the QB stunk it up, and well...we lost.

Highlights were as follows:

1. The big orange sign in the crowd that said "Can Riley"
2. The big orange sign in the crowd that said "Canfield" (the red shirt freshman who is going to be amazing...QB)
3. The all out brawl a few rows behind me (in the end zone) between a few angry Beavers and one very unlucky Cougar fan. (the cops came and broke it up)
4. The "Ball", made entirely of foam thunder sticks. (some students have taken the time over the last few games to gather up this foam of "joy" and put it together to make a huge foam ball, in all very interesting...they even had T-shirts)
5. Last but not least, the t-shirt I saw an older chap wearing that said, "Can Riley!"

Onto tonight

Tonight I went to the Blazers first pre-season game. Holy cows and toothpaste, this game was fun. Not so much because the Blazers won, because they didn't. They played wel though, that is until the fourth quarter.

It was nice to see new guys like Roy, Magloire, Dickau, and of course Rodrigez do fairly well.

Martel Webster had one of the sweetest dunks I have seen in a while.

The Blazers actually played well. They hustled...Randolph actually made a few passes. Even though the team is way young...our future is very bright.

But these were not the best part...

The best part was by far the fans...specificaly the fans in section 331, (where I sat) we had a grand ole time. We laughed, heckled, cheered, booooo-d, and many other various things that fans do. IT was a good time! These guys were fun and funny. We are true fans...YES us...the ones in the nosebleed section, (with a really good view of the court, mind you) yelling and cheering for or at the Blazers.

Section 331, Here's to YOU!!


Blogger Brad said...

Can Riley?

Can Riley coach?
Can Riley keep his job?
Can Riley get any action from hair club for men?
Can Riley fight the stereotypes that the "whole team is just a bunch of junior college drop out gang bangers..."

Riley is not the problem. The college recruitment system is the problem.

9:20 PM


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