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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Baseball 2007 predictions

I can honestly say that I am excited for major league baseball this year.It might have a bit to do with the job that I hold during the baseball season...or it could be that the sport is growing on me, again.

So what to do but to predict this years World Series Teams and Winner.

Last year I predicted Detroit and St.Louis. Call it a lucky guess, but I had Detroit winning it all.

This I am going with Detroit facing off with the Los Angeles Dodgers. And Detroit taking home the trophy.

You heard it here first.

Anybody got some predictions of their own??


Blogger Terry said...

i will go yankees dodgers, w/the yankees winning it all the way. trust me it isn't easy to say this, since i HATE the yankees w/all my heart, but i see it happening again.

one thing i would love NOT to see happen this year is barry bonds break the home run record. i hate that guy w/a passion. he has put a black cloud over baseball w/his cheating.

2:56 AM

Blogger Brad said...

Padres all the way

9:32 AM


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