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Thursday, April 03, 2008

25 years of living

"It's my birthday tomorrow no one here can know, I was born this Thursday 25 years ago."- Jon Foreman

My birthday was fun and interesting this year. Turning 25 is a scary, emotional, and amazing moment in my life. This is the first birthday that I have celebrated married. A birthday that has me thinking not only earthly but eternally. A birthday that has me asking why, how, and when. A birthday that gives me purpose and yet has me questioning everything. A birthday.

The coolest thing about my 25th birthday however was that it is not about me, it has never been about me and never will be. It is about Christ though. It is a another day that I can recognize Christ's fingerprints upon my entire existence and celebrate that. For so long I believed that this day was about me and celebrating whatever number of years I have been living, breathing, and dirtying up this earth. Then I began to realize that this day should be a day to glorify Christ and what he has done in my life and who is and has been all along in my life. To intense? Okay lets take a step back.

This year there was no celebration for my life, at least on my birthday (I will be having a small party on the 12th to fellowship and laugh with friends).

I had the opportunity to be a part of a celebration for someone else's life this year. My friend Jerry had a surprise party and I had the privilege of singing in the band that was at his party. A ton of fun and it had nothing to do with me. It was all about Jerry. Even though I was on stage on my birthday, my entire goal for the evening was not about me it was about showing how much me and everyone else there loved Jerry. So there I was singing the Beatles version of Happy Birthday and it hit me. This isn't about me, or you, or even Jerry. The birthday celebration is a celebration of life and the blessings and goodness of Christ in that life.

The truth is at 25 years of living, I realized just who I am living for. I realized that I want to reflect through my living and breathing the greatness of Christ Story. Christ story that has very little to do with my story, and yet he does chose to use me or rather be reflected through me like the moon through the sun. He uses me and my existence to bring others to Him...

So heres to another year of hopefully breathing, singing, laughing, dancing, and most of all reflecting Christ to the World around me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

we will celebrate with the family when Andy gets home.
Ben i am so proud of you and i
love to see your faith growing and your walk with Christ growing closer. you have been and always will be a GREAT Kid and to me you will always be a kid.
a young man kid, but my kid.
love mom

9:11 PM


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