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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ten things to do in life....just dreaming!

In no particular oder at all...
1. Go to a Billy Joel concert. The man himself!
2. Spend a day with Jon Foreman of Switchfoot and pick his brians about life.
3. Have coffee with Louie Giglio.
4. Write two pieces of literature: A Novel and a Three Act Play.
5. Climb Mount Hood.
6. Record a Worship album with my father and friends.
7. Act in a Musical in some downtown theater. (NYC, Portland, Kansas City, Austin)
8. Be in a movie, TV Sitcom, or TV drama.
9. Create a Summer Camp for students (like Raft Rally/Summer Scream).
10. Pull a 360 Nose grab, Wakeboarding.


Blogger Troy said...

I think the last one would be more of dream than the other nine. lol.


BTW - what's up with "heavy", what's the story. Your peeps in the states want to know, we need to know!

1:00 PM


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