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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Swimming pool siting

On Friday I had the great opportunity to go to an official indian water park. "Mount Opera", pronounced o-pear-ah. The place was like a theme park, basically Indias version of Water Waves in up in Washington. The ACCS boys and I swam all day long. We aslo did bumper cars and something the indians here call the "rain dance." The "rain Dance" is basically 175 sprinkler heads set to mist, with music blaring, a tile floor, in a box room with lots of windows. The indians love this and all dance and shout and whoop and holler!! This was seriously one of the funniest and most exciting things to experience. Oh, the swimsuits here are not called swimsuits, they are called costumes! Can you believe it? Weird but fun. The swimsuits were practically speedos! And since i did not know that we were going to be swimming on this adventure i had to purchase the "costume." seriously the shorts went up to my upper thigh! Crazy! And heres the kicker. After the whole entire day of swimming and laughs and fun, i walk away looking crisper than kentucky fried chicken char broiled and put in red sauce. To put it mildy I am cooked!! RED, RED, RED!....But the tan will soon come!! (i hope)


Blogger Babal Gadar said...


Ben You did not Dance with us much that was not good!!

I hope you will remember this outing for long time. It was fun to have you.

Hopefully today evening again we will enjoy at "Sweetheart" restaurant.

See Ya' at 7:00pm.

11:00 PM


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