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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

It’s time for bed my sleepy boy
So close your eyes and I’ll tell you a story
I pray your dreams they hold no fears
But be filled with tales remembered for years
Count to three then your swept away
Flying off to a familiar place

Tiger lily and Tinker Bell
Wendy lady with her stories to tell
Hold my hand and we’ll take flight
Off to the Second star to the right
John with his top hat, Michael with his bear
Come on my boy we’re almost there

Pirate ships and Blue Lagoons
Shy mermaids and lost boys too
Follow my leader, but keep a watch full eye
Those mischievous Indians could be close by
So put on your war paint and grab your bows
Walk real light ready to release your arrows

Lovely fairies and Pixy dust
Peter Pan crows it’s almost dusk
There are no nightlights in Neverland
But thousands of stars winking at the island
Hook is scheming though with a crew that follows
So does a crocodile whose stomach is hollow

Little boy you better be where
Some don’t like you here
So stand your guard fight with you all
And in the end the pirates will fall
Capture the ship claim it as your own
Captain Pan will fly you back home

Little boy oh the stories you tell
I used to know them all quite well
I have grown up to fast in this life
Those Neverland dreams have passed by
Count to three and your home with me
Kiss goodnight, I love you little Buddy
Count to three and your home with me
Hug goodnight, I’ll see you in the morning

From the library of Ben