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Monday, April 18, 2005

Thumbs UP!!!

61 Days after I quit drinking Coke, Pepsi, Thumbs Up, Root beer, Dr. Pepper and the likes I had my first drink of the "deadly" poison that I am so thouroughly addicted to. The coffee shop I buy my daily 7up or Sprite from, was out of both products. I was craving a cold drink; as it is way hot here in India. I made my morning stroll to the coffes shop. Said hello and good morning to the man behind the counter who instinctively now knows what I have come for. He explains that my favorites are gone. I smile and say thats fine. I reach into the cooler and search for something else. Carbinated Water, some fizzy cream colored drink, and various variations on Pepsi and Coke. I chose to grab a thumbs up, knowing in full that I am trying to quit this nasty habit, but the heat is penetrating and making me sweat to much, I must quench my thirst. I pay for the cold drink and take a few moments before I open up the cool beverage in hand. I think about what I am about to do. I twist the blue cap and place my lips to the mouth of the bottle. Will the taste suffice my craving or will it trickle into my body as an unwanted enemy? Neither! The taste is not what I remembered it to be, and I am not so sure that Ilike it. This means I will have no problem kicking the habit again. And yet this drink does not really quench my thirst, but it does cool me down and give me a false sense of being satisfied for the moment. Hopefully I wont have to bear this again. I need my Sprite adn 7UP...