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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Top Ten animals

So this past week and a half I had the privelidge of going on a road trip with Kevin and the kids. On this road trip we saw many various types of animals, and they all have there own story behind them.

1. Elephant (first siting in india)
2. Camels (way to many to count)
3. Monkeys (big ones, small ones, some nasty ones and some cute ones)
4. Three frogs (hidden in a pool cave, had some fun with these for a while)
5. Lizards ( bathrooms, bedrooms, Car hoods etc..)
6. Cochroaches (Three in a bathroom and various other place)
7. A parrot called MeTwo (he repeats metwo all the time)
8. A wiener Dog named Ginger (reminded me so much of my own dog Buddy)
9. A snake/ Viper (interupted Kishors engangement ceremony, no joke VIPER)
10. Mouse (hidden between the wall and headboard of Kevin and mine hotel bed)

There is the update of fun loving animals from India...Tune in for more soon.


Blogger Babal Gadar said...

Hi Ben,

It was fun to have u during weddings! Hope you enjoyed Indian weddings (I know you tried to enjoy honestly)

You are great brother. For me perticularly you are down to earth.

See Ya' during February programs.

6:35 AM


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