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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Buy This Now!!

I recently got the "String Quartet Tribute to Switchfoot," by Todd Mark Rubenstein . This album kicks. It's all the old tunage of the Foot in the form of symphony styled music. The emotion behind there songs is brought forth and brought to the next level of enjoyment. This is a must buy for all true Foot fans. Seriously pick it will will be will be twiterpated with joy when you are through with this album!
Here is the track listing for ye all!
1 Meant To Live
2 Twenty Four
3 Love Is The Movement
4 Let That Be Enough
5 Sooner Or Later (Soren's song)
6 The Economy Of Mercy
7 Dare You To Move
8 This Is Your Life
9 Learning To Breathe
10 Chem 6A
11 Erosion
12 The Sharing Of Tries (Original Composition by Todd Mark Rubenstein)

Go...GO...are you still sitting there? Go...must have all available Switchfoot material!


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