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Friday, June 16, 2006


Every time I'm lonely
I always think of you
Every time I'm dreaming
I always dream of you

I never did forget you
And that precious smile
I never did forget those,
Times I made you smile

Oh, I think of when
You were still a friend
Oh, I remember when
A friendship wouldn't end

I wish you were here
To talk to once again
I wish you could hear
The words of a friend

Oh, how I miss you
And oh, how I think of you
Oh, how I see you
Here with me again

I wrote this a while ago. Not sure who it was about or who it was for. It is funny re-reading this though. There are so many people in my life that are gone. So many friends that have packed up and moved away. So many married. So many distant. So many...that I wish I could get in the car with and drive somewhere...end up at Shari's and talk with. I find it hard to grow up and leave people and have them in turn leave me. I guess I always had the mindset that we would be friends forever. We would be in each others weddings. We would dance. We would laugh. We would live. And so this scribble that I found hiding in a file in a box is dedicated to all of you who are no longer close. To conversations and memories of the past. Perhaps someday we will meet up again and just BE together again. I miss you my friends.


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