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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


The more he thought about it, Kyle realized he hated school, history, fashion, and the United States. Kyle was fighting conformity. Everything he was taught seemed to tick him off. Kyle was a fighter and passionate about what he believed. He was one of those people who let his emotions spill into school, work, and his song writing.
Kyle’s favorite band was playing the Roseland that night. He couldn’t wait to be in the crowd, living on a high, rocking out, and ultimately leaving this world behind.
Kyle’s history teacher rambled about King Louie the 9th and his greatness. While Kyle was getting more annoyed and impatient with his teacher. Why was he in school? Confined to a box of certain views and opinions? Kyle wanted out, to encounter life, the world, and freedom.
Oliver rocked the Roseland for a good hour and a half. The crowd was gasoline and the music a match! The Roseland was on fire! And yet Kyle was bugged. Usually concerts were an escape. Only something was very wrong, Kyle was upset on a metaphorical level. The more Kyle watched the band and participated in the chaos, he began to feel more and more as if he was a branded cow trained to follow the leader. Oh crap! Kyle’s escape had not been freedom it had been a confinement. He was in a box, limited to each individual’s actions around him. Alone in a room of brainless cattle, he realized he may never know what true freedom and individualism was.


Blogger wasmachstdugern said...

this is a good post.
i feel this everyday. i am getting it tattooed on my body im so adamant about it. i wonder if the unique mixture of the same old traits truly makes us one of a kind. or are we simply unique just like everyone else?

12:55 AM

Blogger Dean Christensen said...

Great post Ben. Reminds me of a line from the song "Befriended".

"Surrounded, surrounded - but I've never been so free."

In my opinion, Jesus' words "the Truth shall set you free" are profound. I don't fully understand how a life fully surrendered can be free... but I've found it to be true.


11:28 AM


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