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Thursday, June 15, 2006

A thought, a cry, a moment passing by

(Written in May of my Senior year of High School)

One moment you find yourself lost...why? Where are you? How can it be?

Sometimes I don't know. I do know that my fears can sometimes frighten even the most courageous parts of me. I do know my thoughts extend beyond this school, state, and planet. I do see that my dreams are what I try to live out, but so often fall into a subconscious reality that the Earth has brainwashed into me. So often the two roads that twist into two seperate ways ahead of me usually don't set me back, they just invite me along.

I used to be scared of deciding which to take. Now I understand that at some point I must chose either. And no matter what, God is with me. I will endure pain and happiness along both. So I must run ahaed, but not so fast for I may miss everything that was there for me to see in the first place. It's not wrong to re-do something, or go back and learn something again.

Re-discovering things is exciting. It's a moment where you have a chance to learn even more. 1st grade is like this for me. I spent so much time inside the lines, confined to a box, with peripheral vision. And while I was there, I spent all my time on one thing. I have since learned that we need to expand ourselves daily. Notice everything around us.

Please don't follow the leader...find it out for yourself. Open your eyes! Be giddy once in a while. Follow your heart, not the road signs. Because if you follow your heart, you may find something that you never saw before.

My one suggestion in life is this; be childlike, ask questions, be inquisitive, curios, ask, "How Come?" and be fearless! We are all breakable like children, but God is a protector. Have Faith and live, but also dream and be carefree and flexible with life.


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