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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jackson Browne

I recently went out and purchased Jackson Browne's new album Solo acoustic 1 and for one week now my ears have been on a joy ride through the history of Jackson's wonderful music. From songs like "These days" which Jackson wrote when he was sixteen, to songs like "The Birds of St. Marks" and "Fountain of Sorrow," will have your heart strings pulled in wonderful directions and then gently placed back into the propper order as he ends the album with "The Pretender" and "Take it Easy."

This is an album not to miss out on. I can't stop playing it. The live recording alone makes it a favorite for me, but the fact that he shares little stories and thoughts between the songs makes it even more impressive and homely. I can't wait for the 2nd of the "solo acoustics" to be realesed.

Aslo if you purchase this album at Best Buy, (shameless plug) there is a special second album that comes in the package. It is a one hour interview with Jackson. He opens up about the album and what it means to him and also gives us a little insight into the future recordings he is doing. There are also six tunes on the album. Five from the acoustic album and one that is not released I don't believe on any album, called "The Rebel Jesus," a Christmas tune that is very poignant and cuts with precision on the seasonal perspectives around the holiday times.

Needless to say I thouroughly enjoy Jackson and went on a hunt for more of his stuff.

Turns out that my parents had a DVD of Jackson's. An old Disney feature. (back when Disney used to put on some really amazing concerts. Well the DVD filmed in 1993 is amazing. Live shows. Live interviews. Insights into some of the songs. Songs sung in Jackson's own home. Special guest appearances as well, make this DVD a really good buy and show.

I have to thank my father for getting me into Jackson's stuff. I have been a fan sinc e I'm Alive" came out in '93. Since then I have dabbled with a few of Jackson's pieces, but never got to close. I stuck with the classics and what I heard on the radio. Turns out Jackson is amazing. When dad and I went fishing a few weekends ago we listened to this album (this is what caused me to later purchase it.) I heard the song "These days" and the story behind it and I immediately fell in love. Now when I hear the song I think of Fly Fishing on the Nehalem.

Thanks dad for the influence you have on my musical choices.


Blogger Dean Christensen said...

Thank you too, for a great day of fishing ,and music, and connecting.

Anyone who knows my music, and knows Jackson's music, will see pretty quickly his unintentional influence in my music.

Let me encourage you (and anyone else who's reading) to pray for some of these musical heros. I began doing this with a hero of mine in 1980. About 15 years later, I learned that he was now following Jesus.

How great would it be if Jackson's search for truth and meaning led him to Jesus?

10:19 PM


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