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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Remembering Klemtu

Five years ago I hopped into a van
To travel to a distant land
Out of Oregon, through Wahsington
And into the land of the Canadians
It was on the B.C. coast
On a little Island called Klemtu
Where I met Brandon

Brandon and I become good friends
We played basketball in the evenings
Fishing during the day
Swimming at second pond
Talking of life and goals
I never knew if had made an impact
Until it was time to go home

As the ferry was leaving the shore
Brandan was on the dock waving
He was smiling and looking sad
I knew that I needed to come back
And Brandon knew this too
So he threw me his sunglasses
And said keep them until you come back

Five years passed away and the memory Brandon
Never was far from my brain
I dreamed of going back to Klemtu
To see Brandon, Ryan, Nick and others too
I knew I had to come back and see them
And this year I was able to go
I was one of the leaders this time though
14 students, five kids, and nine adults

We packed up in our nice big rental vans
Ready for the adventure that lie ahead
The bonding had begun, the stories had begun
Moments of laughter and tears were coming
Moments of memories remembered for years were coming
we were stepping into a two week histroy making time

You see, this year was different than all the rest
In fact some might say it was really the best
The friendships have grown
The hearts are tender and ready
The stories are going to be told
Children smiling after singing a worship tune
Students begging to be read the Bible to
Fishing stories that will be remembered for years
A camping trip filled with feeling out of place
Because we thought we were in the way
Who knew it would be the best trip the Klemtu people had ever had

God knew
God knew that this would be the trip of a lifetime
A moment for things to change
A team would bond over the smallest thing, jumping off a dock
God knew
God knew that the Klemtu people are waiting
Waiting for the moment and time to talk
Waiting for the right time to chose
Waiting for the moment when they would chose you
To send this team all the way to Klemtu

In a town where fishing presides the most
Basketball coming in second really close
We were able to show God's love and at the same time
See the love of God shown to us
Everybody waves in the Klemtu land
They know everybodys name and story
And I wonder what it would be like to live like that each day
Where I am being watched and everything I say is under magnifying glass
Klemtu taught me what family is like, even when they aren't related
I was welcomed off the fairy this year with a phrase I will never forget

"Welcom home Ben, it's been to long"

Yes I saw Brandon, he is doing fine. He has got a new job.
And a child on the way. I only saw him for one day.
Ispent all the rest of my time with Duckie, Ryan, Shane, and Clark Jr.
and of course many others too.

I will not forget them.
I cannot forget them.
Each morning I wake up dreaming of them
And fishing with them
Oh Klemtu I will not forget you
I will not forget you

And the night that you said,

"love you guys."


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