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Monday, September 04, 2006

Fly Fishing

Today I finally got the opportunity to go Fly Fishing with my dad. This was actually the first time that I have been Fly Fishing. I admit I should have gone sooner. I should have tried sooner...but now, oh now, I know how wonderful it is to a hold a flyrod in hand and cast like a pro in one of Oregon's rivers.

Ever since I read the River Why recently I have been itching to go. So $24 bucks and an hour drive later dad an I showed up at his little hole on the Nehalem.

Luckily he had taken me to the church parking lot to practice first...otherwise I would have sucked and lost more than the two measly fly's I lost because of the much needed practice.

So here we are dad an I, father son time, standing side by side, casting and setting the bait for the unknowing, but freakishly smart fish below the waters surface. A few casts in and I get my first hit. Holy crap how exhilerating that was. I wanted to pee my pants with the rush of adrenaline that flew through my veins at that percise moment. I was hooked!

Dad began point good possiblities for fish to hide or hover around. And guess what! He was right most of the time. I couldn't quite land one though. I had seen dad for the past 45 minutes land a few 6 inchers...I was getting somewhat frustrated, but knew that I probably wouldn't catch anything. (dad didn't catch a fish until a year after he began Fly Fishing)

Now for the cool part...

I decided to move on and find my own sweet spot. I needed to find the pocket. I needed to find my space and my time. I needed to think and also be able to cast without worrying about lasoing my fly into a tree or some sort of shrubbery. And I found it. The river split into a couple different directions. My father and I were heading upstream agaisnt the currents. I found this little form of rapids that spewed into a dead calm area. These rapids wouldn't even classify as a one by the way. I positioned myself above the rapids and began to perform the ritual we call Fly Fishing. I set the fly on the top of the rapids and let it float down into the "V" that the water forms when coming into or out of flowing water, and BAM!!! I got a hit! I almost had it on...first cast in my "pocket" and I snag a fish. Too bad that I sucked at the time with pulling my fly line in fast. I was too slow.

Then came the second of my perfect casts. No joke! I was learning the precision tat is needed in this sport. (yes I did just call it a sport, so eat it) This time the fly didn't even make it halfway down the little section I was looting. Bam! Another fish, this time I was ready. I set the hook in its mouth and pulled it in...I got me a fish! Woo Hoo! I was no longer thinking I would be discouraged after the day, I was thinking Pro Tour, my own boat, making my own fly rods, and dreaming of living in a cabin not to far from this river...I was HOOKED!!!

I only landed one more in the next few hours, but I still considered the day a good one...and now I cannot wait for my next Fly Fishing adventure...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben, glad that you've finally joined the ranks of the truly enlighted. After all, it is said, "Better to be fly fishing and thinking about God, than in church thinking about fly fishing."

Good post, man. I went fly fishing in N. India in April but didn't catch as many as you! Wait to try that hole on the Nehalem.
Ben S.

1:10 AM

Blogger The Mad Fishicist said...

Welcome to an amazing world. Four words that will change your life (since you already read The River Why): The Curtis Creek Manifesto. If you already have it, read it again. If not, you're welcome.

PS: Any thoughts on The Brothers K?

11:12 PM

Blogger Benjamin said...

I have yet to read "the curtis creek manifesto, and am working on a few other Duncan books before I get to the Brothers K, but I am sure I will love them both!

thanks for the tip and the welcome to the world.


4:29 PM


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