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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Global Fair

This weekend I had the opportunity to help out with the Church's Global Children's fair. This is where we set up little areas for the children to come and learn about overseas missions and other cultures around the world.

I was in charge of a fun little game. I was in a corner of the room, a large map was hung on the ceiling of the corner wall, the map was sectioned off into six themes. About ten feet away from the map hung on the ceiling was a Nerf Stomp Rocket set. The idea was "getting ready to launch."

I was to help the children with what happens before a "missionary" gets to hop on the plane to fly to their desired destination.

So I took each child through a quick rundown of what happened before people got to leave.

Prayer, Rasing Support, Learning the Culture, Training, Loving Jesus, and possibly Learning the Language.

After we went through all of these, with as little explaining as possible, so as not to keep them from shooting that rocket at the map, we stomped hard (with one foot) and tried to hit the designated areas...outlined above...and written in the six sections...

The kids loved it.

I had one little girl...who had previously been on a trip before tell me, while I was talking to her about the preperation, with a look of pure sourness and pain, "And you have to get SHOTS!!" I laughed pretty hard at that. "Yes, and you have to get shots, so you don't get sick."

So the next time you are preparing to go on a short term trip, remember, "You have to get SHOTS!!!"


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