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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The song is called Don't Cry by Scott Riggan. I changed the name Emily to Amber though.

Goodnight Amber
There's so many things
That worry me
But whatever comes
We're gonna be alright
Goodnight Amber
Do you wonder what's
Become of me
Give it a day or two
I'm comin' back for you
And it's, it's gonna be alright

Don't cry - close your eyes and I'll be with you
Though I - I feel like I'm farther than the moon
Don't cry - I know you know how much I miss you
But I'll be home soon

Goodnight Amber
You're so many miles
Away from me
But you've always been
Forever in my heart
Tonight, I'm wondering
Is this the way
It's gotta be
If it were up to me
We'd never be, we'd never be apart

Leave the light on for me
Leave the light on


Blogger Amber said...

I like it, have you played this for me before? I don't remember it.

8:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scott Riggan... with an "a"

8:00 AM

Blogger Benjamin said...

Sorry...fixed it!

12:42 PM


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