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Monday, April 02, 2007

Seattle Mariners Game #1

So I listened to most of the game today, and what I heard was absolutely entertaining. It has been a few years since the M's have enticed my attention.

A few highlights:

Today Felix Hernandez struck out 12 of the men he faced, this was a career high for the 20 year old pitcher. Hernandez is the youngest pitcher to start in the last 22 years of Major League ball.

The second highlight of the day was when Richie Sexson hit a three run home run 405 feet straight out into the stands of Safeco Field. The M's need Sexson to have a stellar year this year. Last year he started in a little bit of a slump, so hopefully this year with this opening day homer he gets the cylinders all fired up and ready for the season.

I do not see the M's making the playoffs this year, but we could make some major noise in baseball this year.


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