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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Catch Phrase

I have decided that the game of Catch Phrase is: awesome! Seriously! Amber and I played a one on one game yesterday evening. It is truly amazing to see how two people communicate with each other through words, trying to describe something as petty as "Junk Food". The thing is, and this truly is the amazing part was the interaction between Amber and I. The words and stories chosen to get the desired words to come out of the other person mouth were funny, odd, and yet totally us. If you truly wanted to figure out how someone communicates just sit down and play this game with them. No need for tests or psychologists, or whatever else you need to figure out ones personality and communication skills. Give them Catch Phrase and a timer and have at it!

Just in case you are completely unawares of what this game is, here is the Wikipedia definition of the game: The game is played in two teams. The goal is to get your team to say the word displayed in the disc. One member of a team starts the timer and tries to get his or her team to guess the displayed word. A clue-giver can make any physical gesture and give almost any verbal clue. However, one may not say a word that rhymes with the word, give the first letter of the word, say the number of syllables, or say part of the word in the clue (e.g. "worry" for "worry wart"). When the team guesses correctly, the other team takes its turn. Play continues until the timer runs out. The team not holding the disc when time runs out scores a point. They also have one turn to guess the word that the other team did not guess. A correct answer earns a bonus point. The first team to seven points wins.


Blogger Amber said...

we are a funny pair.

this was a lot of fun, we should do one on one catch phrase more often.

1:33 AM

Anonymous sandy g. said...

You guys should have my daughter play with you. Or maybe not, people don't like to play Catch Phrase with her because she nails every word! Or you want her on your team.

Hey Linus, you were awesome last weekend! Break a leg this weekend too!

11:10 AM


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