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Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Beach

Amber and I went to the beach today. I love driving to the beach. I love the green. I love the curves of the road. I love the anticipation of getting to the beach. The big great ocean that causes me to lose my breath every time I see it. The sand that drives my sensitive feet crazy. The part where the ocean meets the sky in one little but very creative line. And most of all with the love of my life, Amber, by my side.

We took one detour today though. We drove the lower stretch of the Nehalem river. One of my favorite places in the state of Oregon. The reason is simple, Fly Fishing! I showed Amber my favored spots and pockets. I showed her potential spots and camping sites for days and nights when we are married. We talked and enjoyed ourselves. One of the most peaceful and enjoyable stretches of road in the entire Northwest.

I have to say I am really ready to go fishing again. I cannot wait to get my rod in hand and begin to dissapear into the world of healing. The world of mental, physical, and spiritual health. The world of flies, pockets, casts, sets, fish on's, and so much more. The world of Fly Fishing.

In all the day was wonderful. I got to spend an amazing day with the most amazing person in my life. Cheers for Salt water Taffy, good burgers, fishing spots, sunsets, forrests, oceans, and good company!


Blogger Amber said...

Loved that day.

The highlight for me though....pulling off on the side of the road to fill up a water bottle, with apparently "the best tasting water EVER!!"

Thank you for showing me the little joys in your life. :)

8:57 AM


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