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Friday, September 21, 2007

Apology Necessary

This Apology goes out to Kayla, Katy, and Leah. For years I have harped on you guys for liking Celine Dion and her music. The truth is I have liked a few of her tunes, but not very many. Honestly, who could not like the title song from Titanic? I bought the single in the first few weeks of the movies release in theaters, not knowing that the song would stand atop the pop charts for 53 straight weeks. I also enjoyed the song she did for the Chrysler commercial a few years back. Other than that I can honestly say that I can't jam to any of her other stuff. Until now.

The other day I am jamming out in my car to K103 and all of a sudden a track gets spun that I really get into. I mean I am completely rocking out to this song. In my head and out loud to no one in particular I am thinking and shouting, stupid grin on my face, "who is this new rock queen???" About three minutes later I would find out just who it was and I went "WOW!" I could not believe that it was Celine. I heard the song again today and sang at the top of my lungs. Little did the person rocking out next to me in the Geo Metro realize I was kicking it with Celine.

So I got home and did a little Googling and found the song and the video on YouTube.

November 13th is the albums release date titled: Taking chances.


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