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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My favorite Goat!

I used to work at a Davidson's Casual Dining in Tigard. In high school I used to get to my night shift early so I could eat dinner. Occasionaly I would chat with an older woman who came in often. She was fun, reminded me a lot like my grandma, but totally and completly loopy. We sit and chat about life and her farm and her sons. And I would share the little things that I had experienced so far in life.

Well one day she told me about some of the goats they had on her farm. She called them "Fainting Goats". She explained how her sons would run to the top of the hill behind these goats and the goats would get freaked, stiffen up, and fall over. This usually ended up with the goats falling down the hill. To be honest I laughed pretty hard when she explained this to me. Her with her chocolate milkshake and me with my peanut butter shake. It seemed so insane and yet I knew she was speaking the truth. As much as I laughed I thought "man, what a sad predicament for the goats." I mean I WAS laughing at their expense.

The other day Erin and Amber and I were on Youtube and this was one of the videos that we watched...see for yourself. Laugh. Then laugh again.


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