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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Disc golf in snow and hail

Got to go on a retreat with Dave and Albert this weekend. (Some more thoughts coming from this later) And we got to do some serious Disc golfing throughout our time. We ended up playing five times in three days. A grand total of about 80 holes played. My arms were dying after the weekend, but I love this sport so much. Anyway, on Sunday we went out and got through the front 9 of Tadmor's course pretty quickly with no problems whatsoever, then at about whole 12 the hail the size of marbles began pelting us and effecting our throws. The ground was white and we were totally wet. Then it began to snow, in April mind you!!! We finished out the course and it was the a couple of firsts for me. First game of Disc golf in the snow and first in the hail as well. All in all I loved it! Wish I had pictures, but I don't so, just picture it!


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