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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Walking on Water...

Reflections of Faith and Madeleine L'Engle...
Okay all, here is another shameless ploy to get you to purchase something i like or enjoy, but this time i really recommend it. This book will change how you think and feel about art and worship. It will bring to life some new things that never seemed to catch your eye before in this world. This book really dig deep into your heart and streches it and begins to open up your mind to new ideas about faith, worship, and art and how all of them can glorify God in a new way. You will walk away from this book feeling more creative than ever before. For those of you who write, compose, sing, draw, dance, paint, flip out, have jobs, and so on your creative self will undergo a sort of liberation or new found passion to create and dream as our wonderful creator has made us so uniquely to do.

click on the link that say purchase books on your right. my moms website. then search for the book.


Anonymous dreameagle said...

Do you still have that book??

12:07 AM


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