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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

-In Pursuit-

"God wills that we should push into His presence and live our whole life there. This is to be known to us in conscious experience. It is more than a doctrine to be held; it is a life to be enjoyed every moment of every day." A.W. Tozer- The Pursuit of God

For the past few months I have been on a journey. Not just this adventure of India that I am experiencing and loving, but a journey towards knowing Christ in a deeper more intimate and satisfying way. I have read and re-read books on growing closer to God and different ways to connect with God on a level of worhsip and being completely satisfied in Him.

I think John Piper put it best when he said, "God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in Him." Being that my theme for my life is taken from a popular Charlie Hall tune.
(All of life comes down to just one thing, thats to know you (God) and make you (Him) known.) Seeing this you would assume that my passion is to first know God on an intimate level and sedoncly as my profession of love and worship for Him,make Him known and bring Hm glory.
The problem I have found is the knowing Him part. Without it I cannot, no matter how hard I try to bring Him glory. It isn't that I do not long to be in his presence or to know Him. It isn't that I do not fear Him or come to the place of Awe when I see or find him. I have no problem with being in wonder of the mysterious Other that he is. The problem I have is getting to the place where I can find Him at a moments notice. Getting to the place where I am completely satisfied in Him. Finding the right "pathways" that lead me into His presence. Or better put the path that He wishes to use to get me to His presence.

The A.W. Tozer quote at the beginning of this writing is humbling and refreshing for me. It gets me thinking about how hard I really "Push" into God's presence. Is my effort a half hearted nudge or is it a give it all I have, with a barbaric scream attached to it? What I am learning is how HARD it really is to get into the presence of God. It takes work and effort. It takes practice to realize that we ARE alredy in His presence we just have to realize and understand how to find it and recognize when He is calling us into His presence.

For so long I have felt confined to know and experience God within certain limits; the church, the Bible, small groups etc...but what I am discovering is that I feel closer and more intimate with God when I am outside of those "limitations". I had the knowledge in my head, but it wasn't penetrating the heart. I had the longing and desire for more of Him, I just had to act upon those longings and desires. I had the passion to get back to Him, I just had to follow that passion to where He was waiting for me. I had to realize that to come into His presence he has to beckon or call me into that time with Him.

And where was He? Right beside me, in the people around me, in the silence, in the trees breeze, in the rain drops, in the music, in the books, in the poetry, in my food, and ultimately in ME...I just have to recognize Him everyday of my life.

-In Pursuit-
I want to, know you more
Than I ever have before
I want to, see your glory
To catch a glimpse of your face

I want to , stand in awe
Of the wonder of my God
I want to, be near you
In the presence of your fame

You love me, You own me
Took the time to get to know me
Never will you, let me go
For your hand has a hold...on me

You put this longing in my heart
You put this passion in my soul
You put this knowledge in my head
To ever seek you Lord (3x)


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