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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tyler...check him out in the Friends section

Tuesday, February 10, 2004Not Quite Romeo (1999)
I met a girl yesterday
I hit her car with mine
I was glad to see her face
She wasn't so glad to see mine

She asked me for my number
I couldn't believe my luck
She took down my license
We talked about her truck

And she said many strange words
Colorful and bright
And she said many strange words
Colorful and bright

I asked for her number
She said that she'd call ME
I introduced myself as best I could
She affectionately called me creep.

I think I'm pretty good with girls
I think they like me lots
I think I'm quite the ladies man
They seem to think I'm not

I called a girl last night
She said that she was gone
I called a girl today
Washing her hair is taking quite long

I'm not quite Romeo
I know I have it in me
And maybe just maybe
Juliet will call me back


Blogger BeeSkittled said...

You write with such flare. Are you going to publish a book soon? Please, I'll buy it.

2:13 PM


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