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Sunday, June 26, 2005

-Baskin Robins-

Thirty-one flavors of ice cream
And I don't know which one to choose
Mint-chip, Vanilla, or Chocolate moose
None of them seem to be you

Thirty-one flavors of ice cream
I think I might need a spoon
Rocky road, butterscotch, strawberry to
None of them remind me of you

Thirty-one flavors of ice cream
Tried all but a limited few
Cookie-dough, mango, coffee...COFFEE!!
Now that one is totally YOU!

Coffee please, dish me up two big scoops
One for me and of course,theres one for you too.


Anonymous dreameagle said...

Can I just say, that I'm the bigger Baskin Robbins freak, more than she is, but she just happened to mention it more than me when we met before, and so of course you associate her with that. Funny really, I introduced her to the joys of it.

And in a roundabout kinda way, to you too.

12:04 AM


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