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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More Words

*note: please read the first post on WORDS. Otherwise this makes no sense.

I mean look, words can or cannot convey cetain things.They can be misinterpreted, misunderstood, or mistaken. There ar emany examples of this, but I refrain froma blunt illustration.

Words can and will be placed into: sect, caste, class, rank, race, time, religion, education, language and countless other forms. And words will only make sense to certain people. There there is slang, buzzwords, histroy, elegance, pride...These will be boxed and fitted for only a few.

Needless to say. We need words. We need phrases. But are they making our points? Remember in My Fair Lady,when Freddy tries to share his affection for Eliza Doolittle? She gets angry and shouts, "Words, Words, Words, useless words." She wants what from Freddy? "Show me!"

"Show me!" But how? Not sure where to begin on that?

For A week now I have been on this journey with Words, Questions, and various other things. I do not want to use words lightly or flippantly.

There are words and phrases I will say. And there are many I shy away from. This will always happen. I AM GOOD WITH WORDS. And it gets me in trouble sometimes.

So, how do I convey anything really important and dear to my heart with words? They may seem fake, they may be fake. They might get twisted. You might not understand. What then do i do to communicate LOVE for those around me, without using the word wrongly or lightly. And not "in love" love. The love of Christ.


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