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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Words, what are words? Vocal sounds we conjure up to communicate with each other certain needs and wants, fears and hopes, dreams and loves, life and love. And yet really what can words really convey?

I wonder what it would be like to be unable to speak or write my thoughts down on paper or to the masses. Would I still be able to grope around this world? Would I be trampled on our cared for? Would I not be in so much trouble? Would people like me more for keeping my mouth shut?

What are questions? Seriously, why do I ask you or her or him all these questions? I mean I come up with something off of the top of my mind and then ask it. Can it be all that importantant? Is it necessary? Are you listening?

Do I need to watch what I say? Or just fling the verbs and nouns and all other senselessness out there? Will you be offended or encouraged, laugh or be warmed inside?

I don't know.

So here is the real question: What should I be asking and saying to those who are important in my life? I mean I understand that I am blessed by Christ to be a blessing to others. Can I use words to do this? Yes. I know that I need to ask questions to figure things out, because you all know how many times I have screwed up by not asking.

Honestly. I don't know what to ask. I don't know what to say. I don't know how to encourage or love. And I am not so sure I have to many examples of this either.

Is it a harsh reality to know that I am broken. I am incomplete. I am not perfect. And yet I really wish to be all of these things. But How??? Somebody please show me.

What do I need to read, Hear, See, Touch, (no smell...can't) to understand?

For those of you around me...who love me, are beginnning to love me, and those who will. What is it that I need to say? Or is it something else?

How do you convey love? Is it by our words alone? OR with everything that we have?

So many questions. Not sure you could call this a post.

I am nervous. Scared. Excited. Giddy. And yet I really do want to know.


Anonymous Scott Davison said...


Let's grab an IPA or Hammerhead tonight?


9:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was opened by your words, and broken by your words. I was taught by your words, and sought out your words, and still sometimes they hurt!

9:36 AM


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