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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Switchfoot and a haircut

May 1st 2006-

Last night a good friend and I drove to Eugene, Oregon to see Switchfoot takeover the McDonald Theater. The ride down was composed of laughs and seriousness, dreams and failures, but most of all good times.

The McDonald theater was a nice little joint. I have not been pleased with the latest Switchfoot shows in bigger venues. This venue was perfect for the lovers of the old intimate Switchfoot shosws.

Lovedrug opened up for Switchfoot. Good sound. Good guys. Good music. I was pleasantly surprised by Lovedrug. As usual when seeing a new band, I sat back and just breathed it all in. And man was the breathing good. Especially the more laid back tunes screaming from the piano and high toned voice of the lead singer. I will let you do your own searching on these guys...hint: its worth the work.

After LD's 30 minute set...the Foot took the stage. And once again I was in a world that I have missed for a while. The world of singing songs at the top of your lungs until you cant hear you voice anymore because it has escaped to somewhere else. A world where ears should be bleeding by the end of the chaos. But chaos is not the right phrase...perhaps a journey or experience or long road traveled to the heart of Worship would work better.

Some of you just coughed on your coffee right then. I did use the term worship and Switchfoot in the same sentence. No, not the kind of Idol worship that you see when Bono and his bandmates take a stage by storm. No, this is the worship that comes from a heart longing for his creator. The kind of worship that is acceptable to our author and playwrite. I was in a state of wonder and awe for my God. Not because of talent or skills. Not because of mad beats or crazy riffs. No, I was moved to worship God through rock and roll.

I also have a few good memories to share from the experience.

I wore my India Cricket jersey on purpose to the show. I wore it beacause I knew Jon would see it. I knew he would comment. I knew that Lowercase people dot com would be explained. I know that the Dalits would get a little bit more time on a platform. So when Jon came over to my side of the stage to sing a little tune...I ripped off my shirt and held it up high for him to see and for everyone else to bare witness to. India would have a voice at this show. Jon finished the song and shared about India and yes I got a little recognition as the India shirt guy.

One more point for India.

Two songs later I yelled out a suggested song from the crowd. "Chem 6A!!!" Jon, no doubt heard my cry for the oldie. And I expected nothing less than him immediately playing the tune. But I did not expect what happened next.

Jon asked who yelled out Chem 6A? I raised my hand happily. He came over to my side of the stage and said...okay...we will play the song, but only if we get to cut your hair.

I was like..."okay!"

Then he continued..."we are going to cut your hair. But our stage manager is going to do it. You still in?"

"heck ya!"

"okay, there is more...he is going to do it with wire cutters. you still cool with this?"

"um...yeah...its for the crowd" pointing towards the crowd.

"He wants you to know that this is for all of you." pointing to the crowd.

three second later I am on stage hugging Jon. He asks me my name. I tell him...and I remind him that we spent a week to gether in India. He immediately hugs me and asks how I have been. I hand him an indian wrist band...and the song hair begins to get cut. The crowd is crazy. I am loving it. Jon comes over towards the end of the song...and lets me sing the finall chorus...and I am stoked!!!

after the song is over...Jon tells the crowd that I kept him alive for a week in India...I go nuts...more hugs...and the show continues.

I love Switchfoot. I love their music. I love their shows. I love Switchfoot haircuts.


Blogger wasmachstdugern said...

holy crap what an experience! i am jealous! that is nuts that he (eventually) remembered you too.
so how does the hair look?

9:52 PM


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