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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I think my favorite thing about us
Is that your always on my mind
I am thinking of some memory
Or some question to ask of you
At times I feel more adequately pathetic
Than completely put together
Thats just my insecurities talking out loud
We all have worries and fears
Mine just seem to scream a littler louder than most
I am always dreaming of what may come
And come what may, I know nothing of at all
I know I like your warmth
I know I like your smile
I know I like your heart
And I know I like your mysterious ways
But I want you to know
I am not looking for a pretty princess
Even though I will treat you like one
I will not have lots of money
I will not think like the rest of the world
I will not let anyone harm you
And I will not let go of your hand
I hold no fancy keys to hearts or homes
My life is not made up of physical dreams of wealth
But dreams to share this passion with the world
I have no reason to believe that this will last
But I do believe it will however
The only hope I have in us
Is put completely in being committed to Him
I know He will be our foundation
I know He will stand by our side
I know He will guide us in our lives
And I know that without Him we cannot survive
I want purity and I know at times I lack it
I pray for righteousness and holiness
But I am sure I will fail and fall broken
I know I cannot call timeout and puase this
There is no walking away and banking on Tivo to record this
I will not run away
I will not fade away
I will not leave you alone
And I will not let you escape my mind

This is us. This is now. This is beautiful...
This is life with you.


Blogger sajini said...

You like to keep your readers guessing, I suppose? Is this a poem to your beau? :)

2:37 PM

Blogger Benjamin said...

It was me thinking out loud. About Her and I.

1:59 AM


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