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Monday, June 19, 2006


I woke up Monday morning
In Twin Rocks, Oregon
I usally found the beach boring
But today was going to be fun

You see, I awoke to the sunrise
Of a purple orangish blue
It was the perfect surprise
I even saw a killer whale too

We built sandcastles on the shore
Swam in the oceans roaring tide
Couldn't ask for anything more
I was having the time of my life

Built a fire out of driftwood
Someone pulled out a guitar
ate smores that tasted so good
Sang songs with all our hearts

Took a walk on the beach alone
Until she came along beside me
It was different than back home
The stars wer shinging brightly

I woke up Monday morning
In Beaverton, Oregon
My mom said I was snoring
The dream was all...GONE!


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