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Friday, June 23, 2006

MySpace Music Spin

Okay so recently I been able to find some pretty sweet stuff through myspace music. Some of my favorite bands have some good stuff up and then of course there are bands I have never heard of before. Every day I get a new band wanting to be my friend. I spin them a few times...if I dig, I add. No Dig, NO ADD! Simple as that!

1.Our Town-James Taylor (Free Downloadage)
By the way. Go see the movie Cars. This song is off the soundtrack. Good movie. I enjoyed it far too much! It is a must see. Go now!
2.Needle and Thread-Sleeping at Last (Click here to hear the entire song) (Post on these guys coming soon, very soon)
3.Spiders-Lovedrug (Hear it here)
4.Chasing Cars-SnowPatrol (Hear it here)
5.Come downstairs and say hello-Guster (Hear it here)
6.Colors-Barcelona (free downloadage)
7.Since you left-Nate Campany (hear it here)
8.Sweetness in starlight-Matt Wertz (hear it here)
9.Ghost on Boulevard-Roe (free downloadage)
10.Natalie-Florez (hear it here)


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