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Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Mafia

Today my little sister was married to the coolest guy ever. I like fact I would go as far to say I love Renjy. Renjy and I have gotten to know each other better in the last few months. We work at the same job part time. We laugh, joke, play video games, talk serious, and BE.

One night Renjy and I had a serious talk. Not that this doesn't happen often, but this one was very interesting. It had to do with "family" and how that works. His perspective on what it means that he is now my "brother" if it is only an in-law. He describes family almost as a Mafia type of brotherhood and love. Although the love we share is Christ'slove and the brotherhood is a joining of two families and two cultures (he is Indian).

So for all of you out there who were wondering. Yes, I am in the Mafia. And my peoples got my back! So watch out. We a brotherhood and "We're not gonna take it!"

Congratulaitons Katy on finding a wonderful husband, friend, and man of God.


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