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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Her Song

It's fireflys in mid July
And I'm alright with you by my side
It's icecream cones from coldstone
And not wanting to be alone

It's old movies on AMC
And one more round of My Fair Lady
It's one more page, in our day
That will never fade away

It's I miss you, and I like you
And knowing that, you miss me too
It's the mystery, of you and me
And where were going, well we'll just see
Everything will work out fine
If we trust in God's time
He'll hold us and keep us safe
And lead us towards better days

It's our walks where we talk
Wishing that they never stop
It's one more hug, that I love
And not wanting to give you up

It's a random trip to the beach
Where we welcome the cool breeze
It's another drive on a sleepless night
Music playing, your by my side


It's holding hands, and melding hearts
And never wanting to be apart
It's a future that I dream of
A Daily prayer to God above

A thousand stars are in the sky
A babe my heart is about to fly
I only want to be with you
And I'm hoping you want to be with me too

(unwritten verse)


to be continued...


Anonymous Amber said...

I like it. need to play it for me again soon.

2:27 PM


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