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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Caedmon's Call

I had the amazing opportunity to help out with the Caedmon's call concert tonight. I love helping with concerts. I love music. But this time everything was in place for a special night of music and a call to "missions".

I was on a team that helped set up the band equipment and stage gear. I also was the head merchandise dude.

I love doing merchandise for a couple reasons:
1. You get to meet really cool people
2. You get to sell music you love
3. You get to tell people about the band and their music
4. Sometimes you get to meet the band
5. I just love IT!

So, I got to hand out with Andy Osenga and Cliff Young on Sunday night. Fun times. Cool stories.

I was real close to actually taking the two out for a beer and food after the show. They were so tired though. I did however get to chat with them for a while. Cliff more so than Andy. I found out that a friend of mine from India actually got to tour with the band for a while. How cool is that??? COOL!! Cliff and I also talked about India and my passion for the peoples and youth of India. In the end I got an email address and a we need to hook up in the future and talk more.

The thing is, when talking to a "star" or band member, just walk up,(if you can) and just talk to him or her. I know this from experience with Jon from Switchfoot and many other bands. They are just people...God gifted people who get to travel and share about whats on their heart mind you, but they are people. Quit putting them on a pedistal and realize they are human just like you! I watched so many people just stare and hang around hoping to be talked to. Suggestion, next time go and talk to them. They are passionate about what they do. And they want to share that with you on and off the stage.

All in all, it was a fairly enjoyable concert.

Andy Osenga was the highlight for me, that and Caedmon's covers of "Diamonds on the souls of her shoes",by Paul Simon, and "Hope to carry on", by Rich Mullins. Oh, and getting to share Caedmon's and the Dalit Freedom Network with so many people.


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