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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Big day tomorrow

Paul Alan-

Time for bed sleepyhead
You've got a big day tomorrow
Tell the stories to me some other time
Get some rest and I'll do my best
To shoulder the sorrow
No room for shadows in those little blue eyes
We're gonna be fine she'd say
We're gonna be fine

And there's never been a broken promise
And she never has let me down
There never was a doubt she'd always be around
Her heart was an ocean of sadness
But I never did see her cry
She's got to be a holy angel
Who's given up her wings so I could fly

Momma's boy pride and joy
It's a big day tomorrow
The world awaits you and we can't let them down
Dream your dreams and swim upstream
Though no one may follow
I'll cheer the loudest and always be proud

She'd leave the light on in the hall
Chase the shadows from the walls
And come running if I'd call

Pack your clothes time to go
It's a big day tomorrow
We're starting over though I can't tell you why
Hand in hand we'll make our plans
Beg or borrow we'll find a way to get by
You your sister and I she'd say
We'll find a way to get by
And she found a way to get by


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