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Thursday, April 19, 2007


The Blazers improved this year, right? I mean we added three stellar rookies, one who is with out a doubt the rookie of the year and the future of this franchise. We repurchased the Rose Garden. We hired the intellegent genius of Kevin Pritchard (snagged us all of these rookies) and we improved by over ten games better than last seasons obismal 21-61 record.

Improvement? Yes, without a doubt!

Blazermania and Rip City might just still exist. Somewhere, in some home outside of the city a boy is sad because the Blazers season ended tonight, he will begin dreaming of next season and the possibility of playoffs. This boy will look forward to the draft in hopes of getting his basketball addiction fix, if only for a few precious moments. He will look forward to summer league and anything and everything that has Blazers written on it, or everything said on sports radio about his beloved Blazers. Some might just say this boy is a nut. Some might say he lives in the past (it would not be the first time he has heard this). Some might think he is crazy becasue he believes Portland has a chance at being good again like the glory days of Drexler, Porter, Williams, Kersey, Robinson, and Duckworth. (the only glory days he knew) This boy is going on twenty-four years of being a Blazer believer and believe me he is no closer to letting go of his Blazers than Mcdonalds is to letting go of the Big Mac!

So that boy says, "Thank you Portland. Thank you Mr. Allen for keeping the Blazers here in Portland. Thank you Roy, Aldridge, Sergio, Dickau, Jones, schenser, Jack, Zack, Joel, Lafrentz, Magloire, Webster, Udoka* and Outlaw for an exciting season and giving me hope for another good run of playoff streaks. Thank You!"

A Fan, A Blazer Believer and a Rip City hopeful.

* I forgot to put Udoka in originally, but now he is there!


Anonymous Erin said...

Dude, you remembered Schenser but you forgot Udoka? How COULD you?!?!?

6:28 PM

Blogger Benjamin said...

Oh Crap! Whoops it was late when I wrote that. I just picked up his autographed rookie card today. I will add him in!

7:05 PM


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