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Thursday, May 10, 2007

How to save a life

One of my favorite quotes from high school was said by one of my best friends Aaron Watts.

"I know CPR! I watch Baywatch!" (This being said in a swimming pool as someone was faking to submarine to the bottom of the pool and appear to give up on life itself. Then deciding life really is worth it and coming back to the surface only to cough and sputter and choke...and well you get the picture.)

Now for me this is really funny. Neither one of us watch that show. And the truth is even if you do or did watch that will not help you in a CPR situation or in any situation for that matter.

Why the quote? Why the stupid mention of Baywatch on my blog?

The reason folks is that today, yes, today! I spent four hours in a CPR training course. Never in my life have I been through one of these courses. The course was actually quite beneficial for me. Not only becuase I love to watch Grey's Anatomy, and learn about all of the different things that happen to people and how Docters can seem to miraculously save folks, but beacuse it helped me in a few areas of my spiritual and emotional life.

You see, I usually dread CLASS or anything that has to do with me possibly asnwering a question wrong. Today, however the roles inside my little insecure mind and the Batman (random I know) that I know I am deep down inside came alive! I would like to think I did good in the class. I learned a ton and am now ready to go save a life, or two or three. I now have a confidence in saving lives that I have never had before.

Now because of my training today and the little green card that says I passed the class, I am capable of saving a physical life. This kindove blows my mind a little. You see as a little dude I wanted to be a fireman and save peoples lives. God showed me a different plan though. I walked away from the idea of physical saving peoples lives and went in the direction of saving people emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Because of todays lessons I learned a few things. I was put here on this earth to shine. Yes, shine! The thought I am thinking here is that maybe I am not just supposed to cram and jam and peanut butter and jelly Christ into peoples lives. (wow, quick change in subject, am I really going here?)I think I have been sticking to one brand of bread and only one sandwich for a little while. Does that make sense? I mean sure I switch up the jellies and jams everynow and then...and crunchy or creamy comes into the picture, but in truth I am only making one sandwich daily. My point is this: today I figured out that I can make mulitple different sandwiches in this life. And you konw what? I can use different kinds of breads too.

Statistically speaking, (I have a few thoughts on statistics...maybe more on that in a different post.) when I look at the light and flame that I am. All the time supposbly representing Christ and who he is, I have to use a few different strategies and skills to be the most effective so as to accomplish being the brightest light I can be. Maybe I am making way to much out of this...and it is three in the morning, but I need to blog and need to get this out now.

Let us look at a Basketball player, say Brandon Roy or Larry Bird. Both of these guys had a huge array of weapons they could use on the ball court. Rebounds, Steals, Assists, Blocks, Threes, Dunks?, lay ins, free throws, leadership, jumpers and the list goes on! However, they choose only to be effective by shooting three pointers all day long. And perhaps they shoot a mesmorizing 80% from the field. They are still not contributing to the team at the highest possible level possible.

My idea is that I have lots of gifts, faults, dreams, talents, passions, etc that can be used to cause my flame to burn brighter. I want to burn brighter. I ache to burn brighter. Today I just added another area that I can burn brighter. Today I learned how to save a physical life. Trust me, it truly is a big deal. At least for me it is. Statistically speaking I may be no MVP, but maybe I could get the most improved ChristLight of the year award?

But then again, does God even care about statistics? HaHa...I think he laughs at statistics...and says, "sorry guys, but I have been batting a thousand for quite some time now...not sure why you are still keeping track." But we do keep track, because that is what this world does.

Statisticall speaking...I can save your life!

"I know CPR! I took the class!"


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