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Thursday, June 26, 2008

One Month/Five Dudes

So I was thinking a couple days ago about one of my dreams in life. I believe that there are certain people that we are attracted to and align ourselves with here whilst we are on earth. There are folks who we would consider mentors even though we have never even met them in real life. These people kindove get the thought process rolling for us. We find ourselves having AHA! moments when we read, listen, watch, or possibly even meet them.

I had the opportunity a couple of years ago while I was in India to meet Jon Foreman and his lovely wife. We spent about a week together. I was not drooling or gasping for breath while I was with them. I was not hanging on every word that they said. I was not obsessed with every little thing Jon did. I was however grateful for the opportunity to meet a man that I believe is helping to change this world a little bit at a time. I cherished our conversations and experience. I recently purchased Jon's new EP Summer and was once again blown away by how simple and yet freaking amazing his songs are and most straight from scripture. And that's when this idea came to me.

Who are the Five people that if you had the opportunity to spend one month traveling where ever you want. Then picking their brains on anything you want to know or what you would love to chat with them about. Then while doing so infecting and effecting peoples lives along the way.

Who are the men or woman that have rocked you in such a way that it has changed your purpose in life or have helped you to find your purpose? Where would you go with them?

Oh, and lets say you had a super fast private jet to get you to a fro faster than is truly possible.

My Five:
1. Louie Giglio (Creator of Passion ministries,Storyteller, Speaker, Worhsiper, Dreamer, Visionary)

2. Jon Foreman (Lead singer of Switchfoot, writer, intellect, injustice fighter, guitarist, surfer)

3. David Wilcox (Folk Singer, Traveling Music Preacher, Master of story and metaphor)

4. David James Duncan (Writer, Fly Fishing Guru, Thought Provoker, Brilliant Painter of Words)

5. David Crowder (Worshiper, Furtherer of the Kingdom, Relationist, Guitar player, Writer)



So there you have it...what about you?


Blogger Megs said...

you so were drooling, I remember Kevin telling me about it, when he was telling stories of you!!

1:49 AM


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