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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The River Why-A movie?

This evening I called my father to talk about a few things. One of them was about possibly fly fishing with him soon. I love fly fishing and yet get to do it on very rare occasions. In the midst of talking about fishing he was reminded of something he heard about one of my favorite books The River Why by David James Duncan my all time favorite writer.

It was this book that really got me into the idea of fly fishing. I have fished for years, but not real man fishing, little boy fishing. Fly fishing is real man stuff. The River Why was my introduction to the world of fly fishing. Well before I ever set foot in an Oregon river with fly-rod in hand I stepped foot into the world of Gus Orviston and his crazy fly fishing antics. I fell in love with this book, laughing, crying, and soon believing that this pastime was for me.

Oh, so the good news? Well my beloved book is coming to a theater near you in the year 2009! I am so excited, I have been waiting for this ever since I finished the book the second time. Here's to the hope that they make The Brothers K into a mini-series!

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