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Monday, November 09, 2009

The Rabbit Room

About eight months ago a stumbled onto a humble little blog arena called The Rabbit Room. It is here where I get a daily dose of something new and wonderful. Breathtaking music, art, writings, reviews, books, and much much more. It is here that I also find some awesome and faith inspiring conversation, that ultimately is not seen as an argument but as working things out. Or perhaps a little but of "Working out your own Salvation with Awe and Wonder". I am constantly finding that what I am thinking in my own personal faith is being worked out right there on the blog. I cannot do the blog enough justice, all I can say is...go and check it out, read a few posts and see what happens. Also if you would like to read the interesting story on why the blog exists check out the link here at About the Rabbit Room. I promise you that this place will not disappoint but only stimulate your mind, faith, and soul.


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