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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Brite Revolution

Brite Revolution

I love new music. I love down to earth artists. I also love artists that try and make this world a better place to live in while living a missional life. Click the link above and be amazed. These artists have formed together to create something really special. Each month they EACH put out two new or old songs on the site, then you get to snag them. There are like twenty artists so far. You spend about 5 bucks a month for the product. In the end you get about two new albums total a month, insider info, cool blogs and videos, and I haven't even mentioned the coolest part yet...

Ten percent of each month goes straight to causes like...

* Compassion International
* Blood:Water Mission
* Invisible Children
* Save Darfur
* Best Friends Animal Society
* Dalit Freedom Network
* Mocha Club
* Project: AK-47
* International Justice Mission
* Make A Wish of Middle Tennessee

Heres the get to choose where the ten percent goes. I chose the Dalit Freedom Network. What will YOU choose?


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