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Friday, November 06, 2009


Ambassadors of Hope -Robert Seiple (enjoying, mind bending, life shaping)
Good News About Injustice-Gary Huagen
Sex God-Rob Bell
Everybody Wants To Go to Heaven But Nobody Wants To Die-David Crowder (still reading this...taking awhile...letting it settle in)

I have not done a post on music in a while, actually one of my last posts was on music...but so much good stuff has been found, downloaded, and enjoyed since then...perhaps just a few tidbits of the joy in my ears.
Nevertheless-When I'm With You (sad to find out that these dudes broke up recently)
Deas Vail-Birds and Cages (These guys just signed on to Relient K's record label)
Carry Underwood-Play On
Mike Doughty-Sad Man Happy Man (for parents who read this and think oh I might let my kids listen to the music Ben puts up on here...this would not be one for them)
Jason Gray-Everything Sad is Coming Untrue
Eric Peters-Chrome
Derek Webb-Stockholm Syndrome
Sleeping At Last-Storyboards]
David Crowder-Church Music (beautiful!)
Relient K-Forget and Not Slow Down (still growing...needs more water)


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