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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Writing Acapella Part One

You ever have one of those days where you wake up with a new song or perfect thought in your head and you need to let it out? And yet when you go to your guitar you find it is out of tune? And even more true than it being out of tune you realize I really can't play this thing anyway? But you have this thought, this tune, everything you need to write the blasted gift of a song is at your fingertips and yet you don't have the ability to create what you know you need to create? This is me almost every single day.

I know it is sad, I mean I have had the ability to not be able to create since I was little or so I deemed it. I always thought of these elaborate paintings or pictures I could draw and then color perfectly, in grade school, and yet every time I finished a piece I liked it better when it was just in pencil, it seemed to have more detail back then before all the colors meshed together to screw it up. Maybe this only makes sense to me. I have a great idea or dream in my head and I don't know how exactly to get it out so that the world can enjoy it.

Does this mean I am not an artist when my picture turns out looking like a horror film zombie instead of the beautiful fly fishing scene I thought would come to birth? Does it mean my songs don't mean anything or are worthless, just because I can't seem to play the tune that is truly running around my head?

At the moment I don't know.

To be continued...


Blogger David Robinson said...

How about hitting the 'record' button and use your vocal instrument to get the idea down before you forget it. Come back to it later to refine and plunk out on your guitar. The thing about creativity is capturing it before it flits away.... and sometimes concentrating on making reality match whats in your head distracts you to the point where its gone. At least capturing some simple form of it puts your mind at ease and lets more creative thought ooze out when you come back to it.

8:21 PM


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