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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My first song about a car

When the sun shines just right, upon the morning dew
And it reflects the light across the yard to you
I begin to see with a pair of new eyes
and I recall all that we've been through

I begin the trek across the fresh cut lawn
And my mind is set on those days that are long gone
No I can't forget and I won't give up just yet
That's why I've kept you waiting here so long

Now I'm in my little daze, remembering better days
Of me and you and roads that wouldn't end
The handles in my grasp, there is no turning back
We're gonna cruise around this town again my friend

The door is open wide, I duck to get inside
A pristine window gives the clearest of views
My hands are on the wheel, I remember how this feels
To leave you for this long, I was oh so cruel

With a little squeeze, I turn these old keys
Waiting for the churn that proves you are alive
The radio is tuned set to the perfect mood
It plays the soundtrack to another awesome drive

So come on lets go, to where I do not know
We're gonna race the scenery til dawn
Just like the old times, just you and I
If we leave now they won't know were gone 2x

But wait what's this? My friend you do resist
No whir, no hum, no sudden surge
Was it in my mind that you could run just fine
I thought that I heard that old familiar purr 2x

Oh my favorite Chevrolet, we can't make our escape
I forgot a tragedy that happened years ago
If you don't change the oil, the engine will spoil
That's when you stop, roaming the roads 2x

So it is there where you'll sit, and you soon I'll forget
because your kind of engine, is hard to find
And the memories, of you and me
They will remain, until the end of time

I look across the yard, towards my favorite car
I know in my heart that our days are done
So put up a sign, for a young man to find
"For sale by owner:For a special someone" 2x

One week was her fate, that's all she had to wait
For a sixteen year old kid and his dad to stop by
I gave em the keys along with her needs
Just the other day I saw him with his prize

And it took me back to when she was mine
But I'm just fine with her extended lifetime
And she will ride these roads with another soul
Slowly each day I'm letting her go 3x