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Friday, April 09, 2010

Most Influential Movies For Each Year of My Life

The Rules: Basically picked movies that I love. The one rule I had was there could be NO franchises, trilogy's, or sequel's to any of the movies I picked.

Here goes-

1983 Strange Brew
1984 The Never Ending Story
1985 Breakfast Club/Clue
1986 Hoosiers
1987 The Princess Bride
1988 Oliver and Company
1989 The Dead Poets Society
1990 The Hunt for Red October (with a salute to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
1991 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
1992 Sneakers/Far and Away/A River Runs through it
1993 Gettysburg/Tombstone
1994 Iron Will/ The Shaw-shank Redemption
1995 Mr. Holland’s Opus
1996 The Rock
1997 Good Will Hunting
1998 Saving Private Ryan
1999 October Sky (not much to pick from...)
2000 Almost Famous/High Fidelity (Top Two Movies of All Time!)
2001 Moulin Rouge
2002 We Were Soldiers
2003 Love Actually
2004 The Life Aquatic
2005 The Family Stone
2006 Little Miss Sunshine/V for Vendetta
2007 Into the Wild/Dan in Real Life/Juno
2008 Kung Fu Panda (honestly really wasn’t much to pick from)
2009 Up

An added Bonus

Favorite Directors(Top 3):

1. Cameron Crowe
2. Wes Anderson
3. Baz Luhrmann


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I love your movies...

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