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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A conversation:

Me: (To the officer who just pulled up in his patrol car at the Starbucks drive thru) "So are you guys allowed to listen to music while on patrol?"

Officer: "Sure. I bring my ipod with me everywhere and crank it up pretty loud sometimes."

Me: "Nice. So do you ever listen while you have someone sitting in the back?"

Officer: : Oh yea, I even let them pick the music most times."

Me: (laughing butt off) "Are you serious? Isn't that just rubbing it in a bit much?"

Officer: "Nah, just trying to make 'em feel comfy."

So there ya have it folks. The next time your cruising around in the back of patrol car ask politely if you can pick the music and say "I would feel more comfortable about the situation."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha that's pretty good

4:01 PM

Blogger Stella said...

This is REALLY valuable information!!!

7:46 AM


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